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Opu tells you about your skin health using our proprietary AI

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Opu tells you about your skin health using our proprietary AI

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A New Way To Understand Your Skin

Our mission is to help consumers to manage, monitor and monetize their health data. Opu Labs is set out to improve how the global healthcare industry exchanges data, information, and rewards in a way that benefits patients, doctors, treatment centers, brand specialists, and product manufacturers.

Skincare AI and COVID-19 Rashes

In the past decade, the world has witnessed a plethora of viral disease outbreaks. The most notable ones include the H1N1 pandemic, MERS, SARS, Ebola, and Zika virus outbreaks. Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, scientists and researchers have been pointed in that outbreaks...

Latest News on How AI is Being Used to Mitigate and Solve COVID-19

Our team follows the news on AI and software developments related to COVID-19, so we thought we would share some of the latest with the readers of our blog. AI research in Cambridge to help guide COVID-19 diagnosis and prognosis for Addenbrooke’s patients Artificial...

COVID-19 Skin Rashes – Survivors Share Their Stories 

It's been over a year, yet the COVID-19 virus is still spreading exponentially in some parts of the world. We all know the usual signs of a COVID-19 infection, but over time, skin rashes resembling different types of skin conditions are being reported by the people...

The Skin, Your Health and Viruses – Dr. Anna Karp

Our skin is a vital indicator of health. It indicates whether you are sufficiently hydrated or are eating a balanced diet. It may reveal underlying systemic diseases such as diabetes, autoimmune conditions or even cancer.   Many diseases have characteristic skin signs...

Opu Labs Partners with Kose India For Real Customer Experience Of Spawake Pimple Solution Purifying Serum

Spawake recently launched the all new “Pimple Solution Purifying Serum” formulated with Advance Purifying Complex that helps clear and prevent pimples, and deeply nourishes and moisturises the skin. This dermatologically tested, non-greasy serum is light in texture...

New Version of Opu Web App Released!

    Opu Labs is pleased to announce the release of a major upgrade to our Web App which can be accessed now from  The new features and enhancements include the following.   New User Interface Enhanced Skin Recognition Improved Image...

Opu Labs Announces COVID-19 Viral Detection Research Initiative

We are excited to announce an initiative that we have been quietly working on at Opu Labs for the last few months. Through discussions with our medical advisory board, we learned that twenty percent (20%) of COVID-19 infected persons have some type of identifiable...

Face Mask Selection Guide for the Coronavirus

To protect against the coronavirus, the CDC now recommends wearing a face mask in public places like grocery stores and pharmacies. However, with the widespread shortage of medical-grade face masks, people are finding solutions at home that range from ingenious to the...

Opu Labs Launches Support of Personal Protection Products

Due to the overwhelming need of hospitals, government agencies, and organizations worldwide, Opu Labs has begun sales and marketing activities of a range of personal protection products including: N95 masks Surgical masks Disposable masks Hand sanitizer Other...

Opu Labs Publishes the Results of the First Opu Skincare Challenge

    Acnoc’s 14 Day Acne Free Challenge Completed With Users Seeing An Average 82% Reduction in Acne Scores. San Francisco, U.S. and Tokyo, Japan - March 14, 2020 SAN FRANCISCO AND BANGKOK -- Healthcare technology company, Opu Labs, has published the results...

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Use Opu AI to scan and analyse your skin and get started tracking your skin and overall health. Compare and track products. Get recommendations from trusted doctors and skin specialists. Opu Labs and our trust based platform transforms your skincare routines in to skin health programs.

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Opu tells you about your skin health using our proprietary AI

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