Make Your Skin Happy and Acne Free with Acnoc

This challenge is open to all people who suffer from acne and want to improve their condition. 

World Class Acne Products. 

Acnoc received the gold medal from Silicon Valley International Invention 2018 and the Watson’s Natural Acne Product Award 2017 (Watsons). Purified Xanthone from mangosteen peel extract is a natural ingredient in Acnoc products which is highly effective for anti-oxidant, anti-acne, anti-tyrosinase and anti-inflammatory. If you want to change your life, Join Now!

Participants who join the Challenge will receive the following: 

  • ACNOC ALL HYBRID ESSENCE 30g: anti wrinkle, brightening, Anti Tyrosinase, Pores
  • Product value of 2,200 THB

Users will be required to use the products for two weeks, take four (4) Opu scans, complete the survey and then post their review to their social media. Upon completion of the survey, 1000 OPU Coins will be rewarded with a value of 600 THB. Opu Coins can be used by users on the Opu Marketplace to receive discounts and special offers from our partners. 

To join the program: 

1. Sign-up for the Opu App
– Android Users:  Download the Opu App for Android here.
– PC and iPhone users:  Register on the website or login here.

2. Create your account
3. On the Main Menu go to Challenges and Surveys
4. Choose the Acnoc Challenge
5. Start! 

Watch our site for more Challenges coming Soon.

Note:  Opu for iOS is in the works and we will announce when it is available.