How OPU works

OPU provides advice and intelligently connects consumers, brands, and professionals based on objectivity and trust.

Facial image analysis driven by machine learning analyzes your skin type, coloring, and condition providing a complete report.

Products tailored to your skin condition are then recommended.

Support from a global community connected by shared skin conditions.

Get your free facial analysis by signing up and creating skin profile.

Get objective information about solutions that work for your skin concerns. 

Once you have created a skin profile, continue with us to complete a new scan everyday and allow Opu to learn more about your skin health over time. Opu will intuitively adjust your skincare needs and recommend products, programs, and advice from certified skincare doctors and professionals.

 As your skin health improves, you will be able to easily track where you are at with a composite skin score. We are committed to giving the best and most accurate result possible to our users and the results of each scan and audited by our own panel of dermatologists. As the number of users grow, and the more daily scans we see, the more our doctors can train our AI to detect even the most subtle of skin conditions.