Our vision for our community is to not only answer questions and create a central hub for conversation on skincare. We see people connecting to other people based only on their skin. You may share a skin type and the same skin concerns as someone from across the world.

Opu will allow anonymous and public exchanges of information between skin types from anywhere on the planet and will allow you to share stories with each other. Opu will also be recruiting more of the best and brightest in skincare from doctors to pharmacists to the beauty counter staff at your local department store.

At Opu, we see a platform where people can also interact with brands to give them feedback and ask questions of their products and get answers on how to best improve their skin health. While we may not be a social network, we aim to bring the best of community to the platform to help shape the future of personalised skincare.


Credibly streamline high-quality outsourcing whereas synergistic leadership. Dramatically synergize collaborative methodologies vis-a-vis superior portals. Phosfluorescently brand error-free.

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