COVID-19 Viral Detection Research Initiative

Help us identify the COVID-19 virus!

A recent finding by a panel of international dermatologists indicates that twenty percent (20%) of COVID-19 infected persons have some type of identifiable skin condition. If we can recognize these skin conditions through image analysis, we can help identify infected persons beyond what infrared devices and other scanning procedures are currently doing. To learn more about this research initiative see “Recognition of Viral Infections in Skin Conditions.”  To train the Opu AI system, we now need your help to collect more images and data. For each valid submission we receive, we will donate 50 Opu Coins towards COVID-19 protection and research.

Please let your friends know about this initiative:

Submit photos of any area of your skin which may be affected by the viral infection, this includes rashes, bloodshot eyes, or bluish lips (see examples).

Opu Labs is donating 50 OPU Coins to COVID-19 protection and research for every valid submission we receive.

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About OPU Coin

*Coins are rewarded after the acceptance of each submission. The reward balance will be updated on a regular basis but not in real-time.

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