Your skin tells the story of your overall health

Opu is designed to be used as an early warning tool and a monitoring platform for those who want to check their overall skin health. It can now scan for viral infections.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Opu can tell the difference between a pimple, a mole, or a rash. It checks the finest details to analyze even the extent of your skin’s aging.

Now we are proud to roll out our latest feature which is the ability to recognise COVID-19 and other skin rashes. This can now be used as an additional early indicator along with the other main symptoms being cough, fever, and loss of smell and taste.

We now add to this list of potential COVID-19 symptoms that we can quickly check – viral skin conditions.


We take our mission to help people understand and manage their health by just taking a few pictures of your skin. Our app will rate the likelihood of a viral infection that displays any cutaneous (skin) symptoms. It might look like a rash but we can tell you if it is possibly something more serious. Get connected with to learn more about your health today.

Our AI learns as it is taught by our team of medical imaging experts

Our app is now available on the web and will soon be on iOS and Android. Try it today. It’s free to use for your own personal diagnosis. 

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Opu tells you about your skin health using our proprietary AI

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