Check your skin for the risk of COVID-19 and other Viral Skin Rashes

Opu Viral Skin Scanner provides the user with an analysis in under 60 seconds, telling you if our AI was able to see anything that looks like a COVID-19 or viral rash. If the AI thinks the rash is of COVID-19 or viral origin it will give you a score of low, medium, or high.  

Here are some samples of various known COVID-19 and viral skin conditions.

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This tool is intended for educational purposes and does not replace a doctor or any other medical tests for viruses. 

Opu Labs Announces COVID-19 Viral Detection Research Initiative

Opu Labs Announces COVID-19 Viral Detection Research Initiative

We are excited to announce an initiative that we have been quietly working on at Opu Labs for the last few months. Through discussions with our medical advisory board, we learned that twenty percent (20%) of COVID-19 infected persons have some type of identifiable...

Face Mask Selection Guide for the Coronavirus

Face Mask Selection Guide for the Coronavirus

To protect against the coronavirus, the CDC now recommends wearing a face mask in public places like grocery stores and pharmacies. However, with the widespread shortage of medical-grade face masks, people are finding solutions at home that range from ingenious to the...


We take our mission to help people understand and manage their health by just taking a few pictures of your skin. Our app will rate the likelihood of a viral infection that displays any cutaneous (skin) symptoms. It might look like a rash but we can tell you if it is possibly something more serious. Get connected with to learn more about your health today.

Our AI learns as it is taught by our team of medical imaging experts

Our app is now available on the web and Android. It will also soon be on iOS. Try it today. It’s free to use for your own personal diagnosis. 

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