The Opu Age Game new release!

The new and improved Opu Age Game is live! Play against our AI to guess people’s age. The Game combines all of the technology that we have built at Opu Labs for assessing and managing skin health into a fun and challenging web-app. Additionally, we will be featuring beauty experts who will play the Opu Age Game and share their insights!

Ever wanted to know how good you are at guessing people’s age? Well, now you can put your skills to the test with the Opu Age Game! Complete against Opu Labs’ AI  to see how many ages you can guess correctly. But that’s not all—while you’re playing, you’ll also be learning tips on how you can improve your health for a younger, healthier appearance. As an added bonus you can earn OPU coin and contribute to medical research. So what are you waiting for? Give the Opu Age Game a try today!

Guessing people’s age correctly is tricky business—but that’s what makes the Opu Age Game so much fun! Users will see a photo of a person and then guess the person’s age. If they guess better than Opu AI they will earn OPU coins. If the player loses to Opu AI, the coins contributed for that guess are lost. Don’t worry if you don’t beat Opu’s AI—you’ll still get some helpful tips on how you can improve your health for a younger, healthier appearance. So even if you don’t score perfectly on your first try, you’re sure to learn something new that can help improve your health in the long run.

A portion of the contributed OPU is burned, a portion is given to our charity fund and a portion is given to the person who contributed the photo. You can see how your score stacks up on the leaderboard which also shows interesting statistics. Contributors of photos are given a reward of OPU. All photos contributed to the game will be Government-ID verified.

Players can improve their ability to assess people’s age, earn OPU and have fun. Contributors of photos will get to see how well people of all walks of life around the world see their age. Opu AI will of course be getting smarter and smarter as it learns. And as the player community grows, the supply of OPU will shrink as more and more OPU are burned.

Not only is the Opu Age Game a ton of fun, but it’s also educational and informative. With each guessed age, you’ll learn more about what factors affect someone’s appearance as they age. For example, did you know that smoking can lead to wrinkles and premature aging? Or that staying out in the sun without sunscreen can cause sun spots and saggy skin? By playing the Opu Age Game, you’ll learn all sorts of interesting facts about aging—and how to help prevent it.

So what are you waiting for? Give the Opu Age Game a try today! You might just be surprised at how accurate your guesses are—and how much fun you have while playing.

Go ahead and try the Game! Tell your friends and use our referral link so that you can earn OPU for all of your friends’ sign-ups.

The Opu Labs Team


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