Opu Labs Announces COVID-19 Viral Detection Research Initiative

We are excited to announce an initiative that we have been quietly working on at Opu Labs for the last few months.

Through discussions with our medical advisory board, we learned that twenty percent (20%) of COVID-19 infected persons have some type of identifiable skin condition. This is a perfect place for Opu AI to play a role. By recognizing these types of skin conditions through image analysis, we can help identify infected persons beyond what infrared devices and other scanning procedures are currently doing. Once complete, our tool will assist symptom tracker developers, first line workers and public venue staff to identify potential COVID-19 cases.

To learn more about this research initiative see “Recognition of Viral Infections in Skin Conditions.

The AI recognizer is currently at the late testing phase and we hope to release something publicly soon. In the meantime, we would like to collect more and more image data to train our system. So we would like to ask our community and the public at large to help us by submitting relevant image data and sharing this with your friends and on social media.

You can submit your image data and learn more about the Initiative here.


Featured Image by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash