Opu Labs Launches The World’s First Blockchain Enabled Skincare Marketplace

Opu Labs releases e-commerce site allowing rewards redemptions with Opu Coin and payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

San Francisco, U.S. and Tokyo, Japan – June 23, 2019

Healthcare technology company, Opu Labs, announced today that it has released the Opu Marketplace, a blockchain enabled e-commerce service which specializes in skincare and dermatology related solutions. Consumers will be able to choose from over one thousand high quality skincare products, redeem rewards for discounts and make payments in Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ripple cryptocurrencies.

Opu Labs provides personalized skin health analysis and solutions to online consumers using AI to analyze skin conditions. Users who use the free skincare app receive rewards in the form of Opu Coin in exchange for their data. Users can track their skin concerns related to acne, aging, redness, hyperpigmentation and skin tone. Since launching the preview version last fall, the company has had well over 100,000 user sign-ups and seen over 90% completion rates on user engagements.

The Marketplace delivers over 1,400 products which include dermatologist recommended solution sets for major concerns assembled by Opu Labs team of doctors, products endorsed by the International Melanoma Association from SkinAlive of New Zealand, and highly acclaimed all natural products developed by 100% PURE in Silicon Valley.

Ric Kostick, founder and CEO of 100% PURE said, “We are all about the user journey and providing trust in our brand and products. Opu Labs’ vision of connecting users to the best solutions and enabling brands to engage more effectively with consumers fits perfectly with our strategic direction.” (sample text)

Dr. Anna Karp, board certified dermatologist in Manhattan, New York and Opu Labs advisor said, “Through the Opu Marketplace, we can recommend and specify high quality and affordable products which work for the specific concerns users are tracking through the Opu skin analysis tools.” (draft)

Marc Bookman, Opu Labs CEO added, “We are the first player in the industry to design and deploy a smart contract which can help brands and consumers share data in a more efficient manner. With the release of the marketplace our Rewards holders can now redeem their Opu Coins on our marketplace.” 

The marketplace is currently accessible through the Opu Labs website which can be found at https://www.opulabs.com/. Android and iOS mobile apps are in development.


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