Opu – The Pocket Skin Clinic for iOS Now Available on the Appstore

The iOS version of Opu – The Pocket Skin Clinic is now available for general download on the Apple App Store. With this release, iPhone users can now get the following features on their devices.

  • Facial scans with detailed Opu skin analysis
  • Scan History
  • Challenges
  • Access to the Opu Marketplace
  • Opu Coin and Rewards

The Opu App consists of an (1) AI (2) skin analysis app which uses (3) blockchain and provides for the ability for users to (4) share their information in exchange for (5) rewards. So given all the innovation here, the amount of time it took to get appstore approval went beyond our wildest estimates. Along the way though, we have seen how dominant iOS is in the skincare ecosystem and so we are very pleased to have the app now available to iOS users.


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