Announcing The Opu Age Game Challenge!

Health and Wellness Expert

Are you a health and wellness fan? If so, we have something that will interest you – the Opu Age Game Challenge! Opu Labs is partnering with leading lifestyle experts to spread the word on the recently launched Opu Age Game. Beginning this month, Opu Labs will host influencers to play the Opu Age Game and see if they can beat Opu AI and guess people’s age accurately. We will be sharing content from each Opu Age Game Challenge where you will hear from health and wellness experts sharing their insights in how to correctly guess someone’s age from looking at a photo.

Part of the fun of playing the Opu Age Game is challenging yourself to think about how we perceive people’s age. What makes a person look older or younger? Do you think you are a pro? If so, play the Opu Age Game and see how you do against Opu AI.

We will be featuring leading lifestyle experts on what they think are the most important factors in guessing people’s age. You might be surprised to find that many of the characteristics that people think of when guessing people’s age are difficult to pin-point. Learn from our partners about how they approach understanding age to guess correctly. Stay tuned for announcements on the Opu Age Game Challenge.

Are you interested in learning about what other people think your age is? If so, we invite you to submit your photo and learn what other people guess for your age. We offer the service as part of Opu Labs’ commitment to helping people understand and better manage their health.

Opu Labs and experts will be sharing video content from the Opu Age Game Challenge where you can hear the expert sharing the insights they discovered from participating.

In the meantime, give the Opu Age Game a try today! You might just be surprised at just how well you can do playing against Opu AI!

The Opu Labs Team


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