The Opu Age Game
Has anyone ever asked you how old they look? Have you ever wondered how old or young you appear to others passing you by every day?
Join The Opu Age Game to find out answers to both questions. Along the way, you can win OPU Coins, contribute to aging and AI research, and become a valued member of our community.

The Opu

Age Game
Find out how old you look to a wide and diverse audience.
Train your eye and improve your ability to assess people’s age.
Earn OPU coins when you perform better than Opu AI.
Contribute to scientific research and COVID recovery efforts
Earn OPU whenever Opu AI guesses your photo more accurately than its opponent
Become part of an expert community related to Aging

Get a free analysis

Opu tells you about your skin health using our proprietary AI

Become an Advisor

If you are a dermatologist or skincare consultant, let’s partner together.